The Obittree initiative is more than just a website, it’s a visionary approach that is designed to change the obituary landscape. Utilizing a team of software developers, search engine strategists, and funeral professionals, we’ve created Obitree to be the next generation of how online visitors view and interact with your obituaries. Through a growing network of Funeral Homes, is an online obituary and death notice posting site designed to help protect the integrity of the funeral profession and the dignity of the deceased. Records never go down, providing a permanent connection to the funeral home and the search engine power to keep online visitor traffic converting into dollars in your pocket.

 Regain Control of Your Obituaries

  • For many, the internet can be a scary place. Keeping up with the latest concerns can be challenging, but Obittree has your back. Third party obituary posting websites pop up everywhere and they have a common goal– to profit off of your obituaries.
  • Obittree is designed to help you take back control of your obituaries. Imagine one central obituary website that actually directs online traffic to your website and puts online profits in your pocket.
  • Most funeral technology companies tend to develop new features that are designed to line their pockets, not yours. With Obittree, our goal is to develop tightly integrated features that bring more visitors to your website and generate you the profits that are currently being captured by third parties.
  • Now that’s a partner you can count on!

 Key Features

  • A Permanent Archive: Gone are the days where your obituaries are posted online for a limited time. With Obittree your obituaries stay online, meaning visitors will find their way to your website months or even years after the funeral.
  • Inbound Traffic : We’re here to help grow your business and generating new traffic to your website is the first step. will engage online visitors and bring them to your website.
  • You’re the Authority: Leverage the power of the National Obituary Registry and Obitree to give you a leg up against online obituary aggregators. Our copyright strategies allow you to regain control of your obituaries and work with a company than has your back.
  • Money In Your Pocket:  We know that checks seem old fashioned, but we just love issuing them. With Obitree, your firm will finally experience the online profits that third party websites have been experiencing for years.

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